Препараты Карагандинского фармацевтического завода

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Karaganda Pharmaceutical Plant

Since 2005, the Karaganda Pharmaceutical Plant, in collaboration with Phytochemistry IRPH, has organized the production of more than 70 original plant-based medicines.

Karaganda Pharmaceutical Plant has created a full technological cycle, from the processing of crude plants, the production of a substance to the production of finished pharmaceutical forms, reference plant-based preparations.

The plant has a state license of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for pharmaceutical activities of manufacturing medicines in industrial production, as well as for the participation in research and scientific and technological practices.

With more than 15 years of experience, the company has been growing medicinal herbs of the highest quality, and to the strictest standards.

ARGLABIN (ampoules) - antitumor and radiosensitizing herbal preparation

ARGLABIN (capsules) - immunity improving

SAUSALIN - antiparasitic

ATEROLID - anti-atherosclerotic

SALSOKOLLIN - hepatoprotective

EKDIFIT - anabolic, adaptogenic, tonic

EKDISOP (syrup) - anabolic, adaptogenic, tonic

PHYTOTEAS: Oregano, Chamomile, Calendula, Motherwort, Thyme, Hawthorn, Rosehip, Gastric, Anti-Cough, Antidiabetic, Vitamin, Vitamin # 2, Multivitamin, Laxative, Kidney, Diaphoretic, Chest, Hepatic.