June 10-12, 2019, in the city of Karaganda, a republican forum of young local historians, ecologists and naturalists was held. More than fifty students from all regions of Kazakhstan came to the mining capital.

The purpose of the EcoForum is to attract students to environmental activities, to foster ecological culture and an ecological attitude to the nature of their native land.

The International research and production holding “Phytochemistry” and the Karaganda pharmaceutical plant took an active part in this EcoForum, having organized a scientific and educational tour for young ecologists and naturalists from the Pavlodar, Nur-Sultan, Oral, Shymkent and Aktobe.

The forum participants were met and accompanied by the director of the Karaganda pharmaceutical regional cluster, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences E.G.Tolokonnikov and representatives of International research and production holding “Phytochemistry”- chief scientific secretary G.K. Mukusheva, scientific Secretary O.V. Morozova, head of department G.M.Mukhametzhanova, leading specialist A.Zh. Igibaev.

Director of Karaganda pharmaceutical cluster E.G. Tolokonnikov meets forum participants

Employees of the International research and production holding “Phytochemistry” and the Karaganda pharmaceutical plant demonstrated to the students the full technological cycle from the cultivation of medicinal raw plant materials, including its processing, to the production of finished dosage forms of original medicinal products.

At the site of chromatographic purification of the substance drugs
In the laboratory of control and analytical works and physico-chemical research methods
At the site of essential oils

The head of the laboratory of botany and biotechnology Shaushekov Z.K. acquainted students with the collection sites of natural flora and medicinal plants. Researcher Gabdullin E.M. in the herbarium fund, showed the students herbarium sheets of rare and endemic plants. Staff worker Bekeev B. spoke about the electronic database of the herbarium fund.

In the botanical garden

During a visit to the vivarium, students showed particular interest to experimental animals.

In the laboratory of technology of phytopreparations, leading researcher, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences I.Khabarov , leading engineers B. Bokhanov, D. Baltash , and A. Anaev demonstrated to the forum participants the principles of work on experimental-industrial extractor, evaporating apparatus, liquid chromatograph, percolator, rectification unit for solvent recovery.

Head of the laboratory of chemistry of terpenoids, corresponding member of the national academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctor of chemistry, professor Atazhanova G.A. acquainted students with the facility for the production of essential oils and demonstrated samples of soap with a perfume composition based on natural essential oils.

The students visited the areas of liquid and solid dosage forms, observed the production and packaging of phyto tea, bottling infusions, the production of syrups and soft dosage forms, capsules, tablets and coated tablets.

During the tour, students exchanged their opinions and impressions.

At the end of the sightseeing tour, the participants of the EcoForum were presented with gift bags with finished pharmaceutical products of “Karaganda pharmaceutical plant” LLP.

Participants of the EcoForum at the pharmaceutical plant

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