INFORMATION about the 4th Russian conference on medical chemistry with international participation “MedChem-Russia 2019” (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, June 10-14, 2019)

From June 10 to 14, 2019 in Yekaterinburg on the basis of the Ural Federal University named after The first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin hosted the 4th Russian Conference on Medical Chemistry with international participation "MedChem-Russia 2019".

The conference was attended by about 300 scientists and specialists from leading research centers, universities, industrial enterprises and associations from 7 countries, including 9 active members and 10 corresponding members of the RAS.

The conference topics included the main directions of development of chemical, pharmaceutical and medical science. The conference program discussed the problems of organic synthesis and the search for new compounds with desired properties that have potential biological activity; examined the mechanisms of action of biologically active compounds at the molecular level, the issues of the relationship "structure-biological activity", as well as the problems of struggling against socially significant diseases.

The format of the conference included plenary and breakout sessions, satellite symposia.

During the period of the conference "MedChem-Russia 2019", the XVI All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation named after A. Yu. Baryshnikova "New domestic antitumor drugs and medical technologies: problems, achievements, prospects" was organized. The purpose of the conference - to identify relevant approaches to the design and synthesis of antitumor compounds, the development of the scientific foundations of medical technologies, as well as the development of cooperation between scientific organizations, support for young scientists and their research.

he conference program included reports that highlighted modern approaches to the development of drugs for the treatment of malignant neoplasms. The issues of the use of natural and synthetic metal complexes for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in oncology were examined; methods of immunotherapy and biotherapy of tumors were presented; results of a study of the metabolism of antitumor compounds; highlights the challenges of screening for new antitumor drugs.

On the conference, reports were presented by the staff of the International Research and Production Holding "Phytochemistry".

Report of Academician of NAS RK, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor S.M. Adekenov was dedicated to pharmacological and clinical studies of the new drug “Arglabin” in oncology. The report summarizes the results of clinical trials of the drug “Arglabin” at tN.N. Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology (Moscow, Russia), MD Anderson Clinic, NuOncology Labs Inc. (Houston, USA), Leonardis Klinik (Bad Heilbrunn, Germany), the National Oncology Center of the Republic of Georgia (Tbilisi), the National Oncology Center of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) and oncological clinics of the Republic of Kazakhstan for cancer treatment of liver, esophagus, ovaries, cervix, lungs and breast cancer both in monotherapy and in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents and radiation therapy.

Report of PhD student A.M. Zhumakayeva presented the results of an experimental study of HRas oncoproteins in breast cancer. In study of the molecular and genetic characteristics of breast cancer, depending on the stage of the tumor process, a correlation between immunohistochemical features and Hras oncoproteins, which are therapeutic targets of arglabin, was determined.

During the conference, an exhibition of scientific and practical journals of Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation was organized: “News of the Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products”, “BIO preparations: prevention, diagnosis, treatment”, “Safety and risk of pharmacotherapy”.Conference participants expressed interest in the opportunity to publish their materials in the above-mentioned journals, and also found relevant information for further work on the pages of these publications.

The "MedChem-Russia 2019" forum is of great importance for the development of the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries, the conference participants exchanged views on current developments, new approaches and advanced technologies in the field of medical chemistry and drug development.

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