Secret drug for coronavirus: foreign pharmaceutical companies are interested in the development of Kazakhstani scientists

Kazakhstani scientists are already working on a unique drug for coronavirus. Moreover, they say that foreign pharmaceutical companies are interested in the development. The information does not go beyond the walls of the research laboratory, only for “CARAVAN” an exception was made.

The whole world is now puzzled by the search for a cure for COVID-19. Hundreds of scientists, billion-dollar pharmaceutical giant companies are looking for a miracle pill that would free the world from the oppression of coronavirus. Probably, in modern history there was no so expected drug. Almost the entire planet sits in quarantine, economies roll head over heels, thousands of people die and millions more are in fear. Scientists all over the globe offer their treatment regimens..

Kazakh steppe is almost a drugstore

In March, France and the United States announced the effectiveness of the use of the drug “Plaquenil”, which is used in the treatment of malaria. Doctors said that with its help, in combination with the antibiotic Azithromycin, they raised to the legs of those infected with coronavirus in 6 days. This therapy was administered to 80 patients. Scientist Didier Raoult became almost a superhero, the whole world discussed his discovery. US President, Donald Trump, made a statement that the drug began to be used to patients treatment, without waiting for official FDA recommendations. However, later there was information that this combination is effective only at the initial stage of the.

But one thing is invariably - the pill from the coronavirus today worries everyone, including the top officials of the countries.

In Russia, they announced their panacea - a drug for malaria. Scientists also remembered about antiviral agents - arbidol and dibazole, which were used in the Soviet Union. They still remain in the category “medical efficacy is not clinically proven.” Dibazole is an inexpensive medicine, some consider it the best product of Soviet pharmaceuticals, which was given even to children in gardens before the flu epidemic. Although initially it was created for completely different purposes - supposedly to increase the endurance of soldiers. Its immunomodulatory properties became known much later. But the effectiveness of dibazole against coronavirus has not been proven.

The world continues to rush from one package of drugs to another, by trial and error, doctors are looking for a saving combination. Now India, Russia and some other countries use HIV drugs in the treatment of coronavirus, for this reason it was even called “flying AIDS”. Therefore, the appearance of an effective remedy from COVID-19 will be the best world news. But further events, most likely, will develop according to the scenario of well-known disaster films. It is clear that the creator country will first provide them with its population, and then, in order of priority.

And then the question is: what will we stand for in this queue for life? The answer is unequivocal: we need to look for our drug and not rely on pharmacists from other countries.

Some believe that in Kazakhstan, the pharmaceutical industry is very poorly developed. But they do not take into account the fact that the Kazakh steppe is almost a drugstore with unique natural drugs underfoot. In recent years, it is domestic phytomedicine that is developing much faster than the chemical counterpart industry. And our raw materials of natural origin are in great demand in global markets.

Therefore, the news that in Kazakhstan a certain company is successfully working on a unique drug from coronavirus and is based on natural raw materials in this case attracted our attention.

They even noted that foreign pharmaceutical companies showed interest in the development, they are ready to finance the project, but our specialists are trying to create a medicine that will be patented in Kazakhstan..

A sensation in the world of science?

It is known that at the end of March the Akim of the Karaganda region Zhenis KASYMBEK , despite his busy schedule in connection with the situation in the country, visited the "Phytochemistry" enterprise. They say that there he was presented with a drug from coronavirus, and he promised to introduce this miracle drug into production as soon as possible.

We contacted the International Research and Production Holding “Phytochemistry”, which is located in Karaganda.

They confirmed that, yes, they are developing a drug against coronavirus. But scientists flatly refused to give extended information. They are not looking for sensations, work is in full swing in the laboratories, there are still a lot of testing steps.

For many years, the company specializes in research work on the search for new biologically active natural compounds and is engaged in the development of original drugs based on plant substances. Currently, the holding is a large research and production complex, including 12 research units of the chemical, pharmacological, biological, pharmaceutical profile, which employs 165 employees.

As we have learned, "Phytochemistry" specialists presented the scientific and technical program “New Technologies for the Development of the Production of Original Medicinal Products” for 2020–2022 for conducting clinical studies and manufacturing experimental batches of a new antiviral drug. From more than 500 plant species, scientists have selected, identified and studied the biological activity of more than 3 thousand samples of natural compounds and their derivatives.

Among them, samples were selected with pronounced antiviral activity against influenza A viruses, human immunodeficiency, hemorrhagic fever, including against coronavirus.

What did not go unnoticed by the scientific world. Negotiations were held with Russia and Belarus, which provided the basis for preclinical studies.

“According to the results of experiments based on sesquiterpene lactone from wormwood in combination with an alkaloid from a blackberry, an original antiviral drug has been developed,” the program says.

Can all the familiar wormwood be a source of victory over the coronavirus?

Of course, we are talking about certain of its types and special compounds. Scientists cannot disclose all secrets. But wormwood is truly a unique medicinal plant. And the bramble can be the very magical component that will provide a high effective result in the treatment of a terrible disease.

Original compound

From ancient times, the nomads of the steppe knew about the unique healing properties of wormwood. In spring and summer, cattle bypassed it, as it contains a lot of bitterness. After the first frosts, bitterness disappeared, sheep, horses and camels willingly ate this plant. Therefore, the autumn and winter shepherd parking most often set where wormwood grows.

The scientific name of the genus Artemisia is given in honor of Artemis, which, according to legend, discovered its healing properties and was revered as the goddess of the plant and animal kingdom.

According to another version, the name comes from the Greek word artemes ("healthy"). As you can see, the ancestors already knew about the miraculous properties of herb.

Today, new technologies make it possible to obtain from plants unthinkable previously - that which triggers the human immune processes, and the body itself finds the resource to defeat the virus. But the uniqueness of the new drug is that it also includes another component, that is, an original bimolecular compound is created - the basis of the substance of the Kazakhstan antiviral agent .

Anabasis aphylla is a low shrub with rare yellow-pink flowers.

From the looks of it, it’s completely unremarkable, it has truly magical properties, scientists say. Anabasis is a characteristic plant of semi-deserts, as a rule, grows near Saksaul. It can be found only in the south of Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions of Russia. The first serious study of Anabasis began in 1929. All plant organs contain alkaloids.

The main of the Anabasis alkaloids is anabasin. When it is oxidized, nicotinic acid, or vitamin PP, is formed. Only in recent years, world science began to carefully study this vitamin, but all its unique healing properties have not yet been fully clarified.

It is also known that in 1933, Soviet researchers obtained a drug, methylanabazine (anabasin derivative), from Anabasis. It is breath provoking and is recommended for use in combination with caffeine.

This information is only about part of the components of the future drug for the treatment of coronavirus, which can be found in the public domain.

It is clear that scientists can not disclose all the details now, but we really hope that their brainchild will become our salvation.

Problems hamper scientists

Today, there are 112 pharmaceutical manufacturers in the republic, but not a single domestic company produces its own (Kazakhstani) substances. At the same time, there is significant scientific groundwork in the field of development and introduction into production of more than 50 new original drugs. This is the development of Nazarbayev University, KazNU named after Al-Farabi, KazNMU named after S. D. Asfendiyarov, The Institute of Chemical Sciences named after A.B. bekturov, IRPH “Phytochemistry”, South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

One of the constraining factors for introducing the development of Kazakhstani scientists is the lack of pilot production, similar to pre-existing factory laboratories, scientists say.

Now they are forced to look for such sites around the world. Agree with ideas that are even doomed to success, many of them may simply be stuck at the level of experience. And the drug will never see its light.

The whole world understood that life will no longer be the same, and the main industry is not oil production, but the development of biotechnology.

We really hope that the unique domestic drug, which its developers have such high hopes for today, will be able to bypass all the difficulties on the way from laboratories to production, get to pharmacies and clinics as quickly as possible.

Who knows, maybe this drug will save the planet. I would like to close my eyes and imagine a magical tomorrow - let it come faster, and I will write an article with the headline “Kazakhstani scientists invented a drug. Coronavirus is defeated!”.


Author: Daria Iskanderova

Soruce: Caravan

Published: April, 20

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