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List of patents for 2015-2020.

Foreign patents

European patent № 2069357 from 26.08.2015. S.M.Adekenov Method for production of hydrochloride-1β, 10β-epoxy-13-dimethylaminoguaia-3(4)-en-6,12-olide, the lyophilized antitumor preparation “Arglabin”.

European patent № 022691 from 29.02.2016. S.M.Adekenov A method of obtaining a hepatoprotective agent based on pinostrobin from buds of Populus balsamifera L.

European patent № 023377 from 31.05.2016. S.M.Adekenov A method of obtaining an anti-lambliosis and anti-inflammatory agent “Sausalin” from Saussurea salsa (Pall.) Spreng.

Patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Patent of RK No. 34238 from 17.03.2020. Adekenov S.M., Boeva A.I., Baesheva D.A., Shaidarov M.Z. “Method for the treatment of chronic opisthorchiasis”;

Patent of RK No. 34230 from 17.03.2020. Adekenov S.M., Beisenbaev A.R., Zhabayeva A.N. “A method for obtaining a water-soluble substance based on pinostrobin oxime”.

Patent of RK 33713 from 18.06.2019. Adekenov S.M., Kishkentayeva A.S., Atazhanova G.A. ”Method for the extraction of Chartolepis intermedia Boiss”.

Patent of RK 33595 from 26.04.2019. Adekenov S.M., Itzhanova Kh.I., Zhabayeva A.N. “Immunomodulating agent”.

Patent of RK No. 33040 from 30.07.2018. Adekenov S.M., Dairov A.K., Kishkentayeva A.S., Baibulova A.K. Atazhanova G.A. “13-anabazinyl-1,10 β-epoxy-5,7α, 6β(n)-guai-3,4-ene-6,12-olide, which has anthelmintic activity”.

Patent of RK No. 32917 from 06.06.2018. Atazhanova G.A., S.M. Adekenov, Mukasheva F.T., Gering A.V. A method for the complex processing of raw materials from Ajania fruticulosa (Ledeb.) Poljak.

Patent of RK No. 32754 from 02.04.2018 Adekenov S.M., Atazhanova G.A., Gering A.V., Mukasheva F.T., Seidakhmetova R.B. Antibacterial soap composition with essential oil of Artemisia glabella Kar. et Kir.

Patent of RK No. 2646 from 29.01.2018 for utility model. Nurmaganbetov Zh.S., Seidakhmetova R.B., Anaev A.A., Turmukhambetov A.Zh., Adekenov S.M. 7-Methoxy-1-methyl-9H-pyrido[3,4-b] indole with phagocytosis-stimulating activity.

Patent of RK No. 32653 from 15.01.2018. Adekenov S.M., Zhabayeva A.N., Itzhanova Kh.I., Titova N.G. Anti-periodontal agent.

Patent of RK No. 32482 from 16.10.2017. Adekenov S.M., Tolokonnikov E.G., Itzhanova Kh.I., Zhabayeva A.N., Korneeva V.S. Khabarova I.A. “Method for the complex processing of raw materials of Artemisia glabella Kar. et Kir.”.

Patent of RK No. 32471 from 16.10.2017. Adekenov S.M., Kishkentaeva A.S., Seidakhmetova R.B., Atazhanova G.A., Smagulov M.K., Romanova M.A. “13-anabasinyl-1,10 β-epoxy-5,7α,6β(n)-guai-3,4-ene-6,12-olide, which has hepatoprotective activity”.

Patent of RK No. 32302 from 17.07.2017. Adekenov S.M., Asanova G.K., Shaikenova Zh.S., Shaushekov Z.K. A method of obtaining callus tissue of Rhaponticum karatavicum Regel et Schmalh.

Patent of RK No. 32045 from 18.04.2017. S.M. Adekenov “A drug that suppresses the proliferation of brain glioma cells”.

Patent of RK No. 31813 from 30.12.2016. Mukusheva G.K., Zhanymkhanova P.Zh., Baisarov G.M., Seidakhmetova R.B., Adekenov S.M. “(2E)-1-{2-[(5-bromopentyl)oxy]-6-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl}-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-one, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory activity”.

Patent of RK No. 31388 from 08.07.2016. Atazhanova G.A., Zhabayeva A.N., S.M. Adekenov Wound healing ointment “Ayafrol” based on the essential oil of Ajania fruticulosa (Ledeb.) Poljak.

Patent of RK No. 29584 from 23.02.2015. Adekenov S.M., Nurmaganbetov Zh.S., Turmukhambetov A.Zh., Anaev A.A., Arystan L.I., Sariev A.K. - Application of Methoxy-1-methyl-9H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole-2N-hydrochloride as an antidepressant, antihypoxic and antiparkinsonian agent.