Regional expedition “Tỳǵan elge Taǵzym” at JSC “IRPH “Phytochemistry”

From 16 to 24 June 2019, 33 students and 6 teachers of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools from the cities of Shymkent and Uralsk took part in the research expedition “Tỳǵan elge Taǵzym” in the Karaganda region.

On the educational and regional project “Tỳǵan elge Taǵzym” students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School on 18.06.2019 visited the laboratory and experimental base of the International research and production holding “Phytochemistry” and production sites of the Karaganda pharmaceutical plant.

Director of Karaganda pharmaceutical cluster Tolokonnikov E.G. meets participants of “Tỳǵan elge Taǵzym” expedition

During the excursion, students familiarized themselves with the collection areas of natural flora and medicinal plants, herbarium sheets of rare and endemic plants, with the electronic database of the herbarium fund, biotechnological methods for the preservation of endemic plant species.

Знакомство с растениями на коллекционном участке природной флоры

Chief scientific secretary Mukusheva G.K. and head of the laboratory of botany and biotechnology Shaushekov Z.K. told the students about the botanical garden of the International research and production holding "Phytochemistry", which has 80 years of history and plays a significant role in the formation and development of the mining capital Karaganda. Principally, the botanical garden, the lungs of industrial city, makes a huge contribution to the landscaping and beautification of the region. The green corner of the mining capital is an important scientific and educational center in the study of biodiversity, in the conservation of rare, endangered and endemic plant species, in the introduction of foreign trees and unique species. The collection areas of the botanical garden contain more than 450 species of plants.

The great interest among students was aroused by the story of the head of vivarium Dairov A., who acquainted visitors with experimental rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and mice, on which new drugs are being tested.

Head of the vivarium Dairov A. talks about working with experimental animals

Scientific secretary Morozova O.V., staff scientists of IRPH “Phytochemistry” and process-engineering personnel of the Karaganda pharmaceutical plant demonstrated all the stages of the industrial production of original medicinal products: from the processing of raw plants materials and the production of a substance to the releasing of finished dosage forms.

Head of the laboratory Shaimerdenova Zh. provides an explanation of the finished pharmaceutical products
Lead engineer Korneev V. demonstrates carbon-dioxide extract of Artemisia glabella Kir.
Acquaintance with areas of capsulation, pseudofluidized drying process and tablets coating
Scientific secretary Morozova O.V. talks about phytopreparations dosage forms

The students were acquainted with the principles of operation of unique devices and equipment, such as: experimental industrial extractors, evaporators, liquid and gas chromatographs, spectral devices, percolator, distillation unit for solvent regeneration, tablet press, encapsulation unit, blister machine, quater for production of pellets, microgranules and tablet coatings.

Acquaintance of students with a rotary evaporator «PilotVap 50» (Germany) at the site of extraction and production of the substance
Lead engineer Anaev A. demonstrates working process of percolator P-250 (Russian Federation)

It should be noted that students of the 9th grade of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of the city of Uralsk Bayangaliyeva Dara and Zulkharnaeva Asel under the guidance of Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctor of chemistry, professor Atazhanova G.A. will carry out a research project on the study of essential oils from plants.

Scientists and experts gave to the students detailed answers to all their questions on the cultivation of medicinal plants, animal experiments, the production of medications and phytoteas.

At the end of the sightseeing tour, students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School received booklets about the International research and production holding “Phytochemistry” and gift bags with finished pharmaceutical products of the Karaganda pharmaceutical plant.

Participants of regional expedition « Tỳǵan elge Taǵzym » at IRPH «Phytochemistry»

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